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Ways To Give

Gifts of Cash
Cardinal Ritter receives a large portion of gifts in the form of cash simply because it’s the easiest way to give. Cash gifts are fully deductible within the tax year of which they are given unless the total amount of the gift exceeds 50% of your adjusted income. However, the excess can be carried forward for up to five years and used as a deduction within those years.

Gifts of Property
Almost any type of property has the potential to be a suitable charitable gift. This includes securities, art objects, real estate, and other types of personal property. If you own property on which the value has appreciated so that it generates long-term capital gain if sold, you are generally better off donating the property rather than selling it and donating the proceeds. Consult your attorney or tax advisor to find out what is best for your situation.

Life Income Plans
A donor may wish to make a significant gift during his/her lifetime but may find it necessary to utilize income from those same assets. With this situation, a life income gift may be the answer. The basis of this type of gift is that you make an irrevocable contribution of cash or other assets to the trust. We will act as a trustee for these assets which will allow us to invest the assets and pay you an income for the remainder of your life and the life of your spouse or other beneficiaries. At the end of these “life interests,” the remaining principal will be passed on to the Trust.

The most common type of planned gift is a bequest, which is a provision in your will for a gift to Cardinal Ritter High School. A charitable bequest is fully deductible from your estate and can significantly reduce estate taxes on the balance of your estate. Your bequest can take the form of a specific bequest, cash or securities, real estate, or other property. It can also take the form of a percentage bequest, wherein your gift is a stated percentage of your total estate.

Donors may choose to give stocks or mutual funds to benefit Cardinal Ritter High School. Donors may choose to give the gift of stock or mutual funds through the transfer of a personal broker or through the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ broker.  All transferring can be completed electronically.  For additional information, please contact Melanie Johnson.

Give While You Shop
Coke Rewards – Use your Coke points for Cardinal Ritter!  CLICK HERE to check out My Coke Rewards and donate your points!

Buffalo Wild Wings – Join your friends and family at the Speedway Buffalo Wild Wings!  Bring in a special dated voucher (available at school or online in the days before each Eat Wings Day) and 15% of your bill will be donated to the Cardinal Ritter Junior Class! 

Meijer – Meijer Community Rewards will give 0.5% of your purchase to Cardinal Ritter when you use cash or your own debit card and a free Meijer 1 loyalty card.  You can use a Meijer Credit Card and CRHS receives 1%.  CLICK HERE to sign up.

AmazonSmile – Bookmark and add West Deanery Unified Catholic Schools as your charity of choice!

Target – You can use your Target Red Card credit card or sign up for a Target Check Card and they will donate 1% of your purchase to the designated school (0.5% on purchases made with the Target credit card at other retailers.)  CLICK HERE for more.

SCRIP – Don’t forget to use SCRIP cards anytime you shop!  SCRIP saves YOU money on tuition while also helping the entire school.

Do you know about a fundraising opportunity NOT listed here?  Please reach out to Amy Baker.


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