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Groups & Clubs

Altar Servers
Each month Cardinal Ritter has an all-school liturgy. This group is for individuals who are interested in serving during Mass.
Sponsor: Anthony Basso

Anime & Video Game Club
Anime & Video Game Club students get together to enjoy watching shows or playing games.  Everyone is welcome!
Sponsor: Amanda Helman

Chinese Club
Students organize events and activities that allow participants to have better knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, tradition, and language. They learn about Chinese history dating back 5000 years including Chinese etiquette, making the students be more well-rounded and learning things outside of textbooks.  Students also play traditional Chinese games such as shuttlecock, checkers, and paper cuts.
Sponsor: Jenny Jia

Dance Marathon
Dance Marathon is an event put on by Cardinal Ritter students to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. Students spend the evening in the gym, dancing around the clock, and doing other activities to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital.
Sponsor: Kerry Lynch

Guitar Club
This group is for beginners and advanced guitar players. The club meets periodically to play and has a showcase at the end of the year.
Sponsor: Joe Pfennig

HOSA – Future Health Professionals
The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.
Sponsor: Dr. Leigh-Ann Cruz

Improv Club Students work to sharpen their improv skills and compete in competitions with other area high schools.
Sponsor: Anna Selby

Joy Club
We strongly believe that every student has the right to feel safe, secure, and accepted regardless of color, race, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, or religion. Bullying means any intentional written, electronic, verbal, or physical act of harm against another student and our mission is to raise awareness to its harmful effects. Along with raising awareness, we are committed to encouraging our fellow students to develop a better relationship with Jesus Others and Yourself through various student-centered activities.  
Sponsor: Austin Crapo

Latin Club
Latin Club promotes the learning on Latin and other classical languages at the high school level. The club is a chapter of the Indiana Junior Classical League and the National Junior Classical League.
Sponsor: Brittany Krowiarz

Pro-Life Club
This group is for students who are passionate about Pro-Life advocacy. Students attend an annual dinner, work to raise awareness about the issue, and also get involved in the community.
Sponsor: Kelsey Ciresi and Sara Mattice

Robotics Club
This club is for students interested in engineering. The Robotics Club designs and builds robots and participates in area competitions where a robot must be built to certain criteria.
Sponsor: Maureen Brunner

Students Against Destructive Decisions is a group of students who encourage a lifestyle of healthy decisions. The SADD Club does different activities throughout the year to raise awareness about issues like alcohol and drug abuse.
Sponsor: Anna Selby

Speech Team
The Speech Team is a group of students who compete in a variety of events using public speaking skills. Students compete as individuals and earn points for the overall team score.
Sponsor: Amanda Helman

Spell Bowl
Students will get together to practice for spelling competitions against local high schools. Sponsor: Anna Selby

Student Council
Student Council serves as the student body of Cardinal Ritter. The Student Council is responsible for planning Homecoming and several other traditions throughout the school year.
Sponsor: Kari Jost

The Theatre Department and all school productions are run by Brenda Jackson. Theatre students put on an annual fall play, the Christmas assembly program, and Coffee Cabaret in the spring.
Sponsor: Brenda Jackson


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