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On E-learning days, all students are expected to sign-in to each of their classes for that particular day on Google Classroom.  Students already have the classroom codes for these class pages since teachers use this regularly to communicate with students.  If a student is new to the school and/or the class, the student should email the teacher for the class code.  Teachers’ emails may be accessed under the About tab and then the faculty tab on this website.  Teachers will post work on their specific classroom page and will give directions on what must be completed during the e-learning day.  Teachers are available through Google Classroom and through email to answer any questions about the day’s work.

How do I start?
To begin learning, log into Google Classroom. Teachers will post all learning objectives and course content by 9:00 AM. Remember, you are responsible for all classes that were regularly scheduled for the missed school day.

How will teachers take attendance?
Attendance is based on the submission of assignments. Students must submit their assignments for credit and be counted as present.

Will my work be graded?
Yes. All student work will be graded. You are required to submit all coursework as defined by your teachers.

When is my work due?
Work is due at the date and time that is defined by the teacher.

What if I have a question?
All teachers are available for questions between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Teachers will make every effort to answer questions within one hour. 


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