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CRHS Driver’s Education

Driver’s education at Cardinal Ritter High School is taught by Jeff VanMeter. He is currently a PE and Health Teacher at Southport Middle School. He has over 20 years of coaching experience and over 15 years of driver’s education experience.

Parents and students who participate agree to the following:
I give my consent for my son or daughter to enroll in the Driver’s Education program held at Cardinal Ritter High School, with a course fee of $350, which includes a car, gas, and online instruction. I agree to the following rules:

1. Enroll and finish online instruction
2. Attend all mandatory in-car instruction over six separate days of no more than 1 hour each day.
3. Class failure (online or in-car), lack of hours committed, or improper conduct can result in fee or time forfeiture.
4. Students may not drive without their permit.
5. Students must have access to the BMV driving manual.
6. Students will take the written exam with the BMV to receive a permit.
7. Students must have started the online class before they will be allowed to drive.

Effective July 1, 2012, a new law took effect which requires that everyone pass a written test to obtain a permit. Students must sign up for an online class — there will no longer be a traditional classroom setting. Students will be permitted to use the school’s computer lab. Drives will be starting June 1 or 8. Students may start the online class anytime. Students must be finished with the online class by the start of drives. Students must complete six 1-hour drives every three days. Students will be paired up with a fellow classmate of student’s choice. Driving times are first-come-first-serve.

For more information, contact:
Jeff VanMeter
(317) 909-4210


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