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Cafeteria Procedures

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  • Teachers must accompany their students to the cafeteria.
  • There are four different lunch shifts — 11:00am to 1:00pm
  • Students are to enter in alphabetical order.
  • Teachers and parents should instruct the students on good conduct and table manners. Students should be reminded frequently of these manners.
  • Students are to remain seated AT ALL TIMES.
  • Students should proceed through milk line and lunch line quietly and courteously and then be seated.
  • Talking quietly while eating lunch is permitted. Students are reminded that all noise/talking is to stop when the lights go out.
  • The teacher on duty will start the prayer after meals and every student must join in.
  • Students must clean up straw wrappers, napkins, spilled food, etc. from their eating area before they are dismissed.
  • Adults on duty will walk around with trash cans, so the students do not have to get out of their seat.
  • Students who have been dismissed should go outside (or to their classrooms in bad weather).
  • Every class will have an assigned clean-up day. After everybody has left the cafeteria, the class will start to wash the tables and sweep the floor. Once finished, the teacher on duty will dismiss the whole class at once to recess.
  • Violating cafeteria rules could result in cleaning the cafeteria for a period of time, isolation, or sent to the Principal’s office.


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