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Health and Wellness Education

High school health education provides the basis for continued methods of developing knowledge, concepts, skills, behaviors, and attitudes related to student health and well-being. This course includes the major content areas in a planned, sequential, comprehensive health education curriculum as expressed in the Indiana Health Education Proficiency Guide:  (1) growth and development; (2) mental and emotional health; (3) community and environmental health; (4) nutrition; (5) family life education; (6) consumer health; (7) personal health; (8) alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs education; (9) intentional and unintentional injury; and (10) health promotion and disease prevention. Students are provided with opportunities to explore the effect of health behaviors on an individual’s quality of life. This course assists students in understanding that health is a lifetime commitment by analyzing individual risk factors and health decisions that promote health and prevent disease. Students are also encouraged to assume individual responsibility for becoming competent health consumers. A variety of instructional strategies, including technology, are used to further develop health literacy.


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