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Cadet Teaching Experience

Prerequisites:  2.0 G.P.A. Instructor approval and provide own transportation.

This elective course provides students exploratory teaching experiences in grades kindergarten through grade 8.  This course provides a balance of class work relating to 1) classroom organization, 2) classroom management, 3) the curriculum and instructional process, 4) observations of teaching, 5) instructional experiences. Cadet teaching students will work under the guidance of a teacher at the participating school, usually a West Deanery feeder school.  Evaluation is based upon the cadet teacher’s cooperation, day-to-day practical performance, class work and attendance. Résumé and portfolio development and career related research is also provided to students. Students will be responsible for securing a cadet teaching placement. Transportation to the school is the student’s responsibility. Students who are interested in working with children or pursuing a career in education would benefit from this course.


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