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AP Physics

Prerequisites:  B- average in Physics I and C average in Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry or B average in Pre-Calculus/ Trigonometry; Students must be enrolled in AP Calculus AB or have previously taken it.

This course is equivalent to a first semester, calculus-based college physics course. Students build upon their knowledge of physics and the interactions of matter that were developed in Honors Physics I. Students will use lab-based instruction in addition to differential and integral calculus to create more accurate models of the physical world. The course is designed to help students: (1) read, understand, and interpret physical information through words, graphs, and equations, (2) use mathematical reasoning to solve physical problems, and (3) perform experiments and interpret the results of observations. Students taking this course are required to take the AP Exam in May.  A GRAPHING CALCULATOR IS REQUIRED FOR THIS COURSE.


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