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Theology 7-8

Semester 1: Catholic Social Teaching: This course first examines the philosophical, historical, and scriptural foundation for Catholic Social Teaching.  Students then examine what is regarded as the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching and apply these themes to a variety of social, political, and economic issues.

Semester 2: Christian Vocations: After examining the nature of vocation and the Universal Call to Holiness, the course provides the opportunity to study specific Christian vocations, namely Christian Marriage, Priesthood, and Religious Life.   This course will also introduce students to the process of discernment, formation, and fulfillment of the various states of life.

Theology 5-6

Semester 1: Sacramental Theology: This course explains basic sacramental theology and then examines in detail each of the seven sacraments in terms of their material signs, their form and liturgical expressions, and the graces conferred.  The course provides a Scriptural basis for each of the sacraments and explains both the required disposition of the recipient and the effects of the sacrament in the life of a believer.

Semester 2: Moral Theology: It is only in and through Christ that we have life and have it abundantly.  This course examines the path of decisions and actions that lead to this abundant life.  Students will study the nature of good and evil, the virtues, the types and effects of sin, the Commandments and Precepts of the Church.

Theology 3-4

Semester 1: The Paschal Mystery: Centered on the Paschal Mystery and its salvific nature, this class presents Jesus as the culmination of Salvation History.  Students will study the need for humanity’s redemption and the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus as the means by which God affects our Salvation.  Students will also examine the moral and spiritual implications of redemption.

Semester 2: Ecclesiology: Students will study the Church as the Living Body of Christ and the Universal Sacrament of Salvation.  The Church’s divine and human elements will be explained and students will study the nature of the Church and its earthly structure (ecclesiology).  The course will also touch on major milestones in the history of the Church and its relationship to the modern world.

Theology 1-2

Semester 1: Revelation and Scripture: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Sacred Scripture is designed to introduce students to the nature and formation of Sacred Scripture, to familiarize them with its structure, to enable them to read and interpret it according to the mind of the Church, and to identify Jesus Christ foretold and fulfilled.

Semester 2: Christology: This course answers the question of who Christ is both in terms of His Humanity and Divinity, as well as through His identity as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Word Made Flesh.  Students are introduced to Christ as the fullest and most perfect Revelation of God and they begin to understand and evaluate the implications of being a follower of Christ.


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