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Indiana Studies

Indiana Studies is an integrated course that compares and contrasts state and national developments in the areas of politics, economics, history, and culture.  The course uses Indiana history as a basis for understanding current policies, practices, and state legislative procedures. It also includes the study of state and national constitutions from a historical perspective and as a current foundation of government.  Examination of individual leaders and their roles in a democratic society will be included and students will examine the participation of citizens in the political process. Selections from Indiana arts and literature may also be analyzed for insights into historical events and cultural expressions.

Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies provides opportunities to broaden students’ perspectives concerning lifestyles and cultural patterns of ethnic groups in the United States.  This course will either focus on a particular ethnic group or groups, or use a comparative approach to the study of patterns of cultural development, immigration, and assimilation, as well as the contributions of specific ethnic or cultural groups.  The course may also include an analysis of the political impact of ethnic diversity in the United States.

Honors Economics

Prerequisite:  B- average in Honors U.S. History or an A- average U.S. History.  

This fast-paced honors course will introduce you to the basics behind micro and macroeconomics. Microeconomics involves the study of economic principles, such as supply & demand, pricing, marketing, business & labor, and personal finance as they relate to the individual and private industry. Macroeconomics involves the study of economic principles such as gross domestic product & growth, taxes & government spending, and international trade as they relate to the economy of the United States and other global economies. An emphasis will be placed on high-level reading and writing assignments as well as document/resource question analysis. It necessitates critical thinking skills through class participation in discussion and group activities. By analyzing economic markets, models, systems, and terms students will begin to understand the economic way of thinking. Additionally, students will study business and investment, the role of the government in the economy, and performance indicators used to evaluate the health of the economy.


This course studies the principles and problems of the American economic system.  It covers topics of comparative economic systems, the role of the consumer, credit, saving and investing, and the stock market.  Students will get involved in online discussion threads regarding current economic situations. The purpose is to give the student a better understanding of the economic processes of which they are a part.  This course is required for seniors.

AP US Government & Politics

Prerequisite: B- average in Honors U.S. History or an A- average U.S. History

AP U.S. Government and Politics is a rigorous college-level course of study designed to give students an analytical perspective on government and politics in the United States. This course involves the in-depth study of the specific concepts used to interpret U.S. politics. In this course, students will gain a unique perspective of the various institutions and roles which make up our U.S. Government. This course will require an extensive amount of reading and writing, as well as critical thought.  Students taking this course will be required to take the AP Government exam.

United States Government

This course is an introduction to our United States government.  The students will study the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.  The course also covers the creation of our Constitution and how it affects all aspects of life in the United States.  Individual participation in government is emphasized. This course is required for seniors.


Sociology is the study of collective/group behavior within and among societies.  Areas of focus include theoretical foundations of sociology, “adolescence” as a social concept, deviance and social control, and factors that affect group behavior.  Good written and oral communication skills are required, as this course involves many debates and research activities. This course acts as excellent preparation for college.

AP Psychology

Prerequisite:  B- average in previous Honors English course or an A- average in previous A+ English course.  

This course provides students the opportunity to explore psychology as the scientific study of mental processes and behavior.  Areas of study include the Scientific Method, Development, Cognition, Personality, Assessment, and Mental Health, and the Socio-Cultural and Biological Bases of Behavior.  This course is offered more for students who think they may wish to pursue further study of psychology in college. Students in this course are required to take the AP Psychology Exam.


This class is an introduction to the study of human behavior.  Students will examine the physical, social, intellectual and emotional roots of human diversity.  They will study the causes, symptoms, and treatments of psychological disorders and adjustment problems.  They will use statistical research methods to study behavior and students will apply knowledge of the subject to solve personal as well as community problems.

Honors United States History

Prerequisite:  B- average in previous Honors English course or an A- average in previous A+ English course.  

This is an advanced course, which serves the student who desires a more intense college preparatory experience.  This course builds upon the student’s knowledge of U.S. History. Emphasis is placed on social, cultural, economic, and political aspects of the American way of life since the Civil War.  This course will require an extensive amount of reading and writing.


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