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Tuition & Financial Aid

2022-2023 Tuition Rates

Participating Catholic: $5,965.00 (One Student), $10,330.00 (Two Students), $13,695.00 (Three Students)
Non-Participating Catholic: $6,965.00 (One Student), $12,330.00 (Two Students), $16,695.00 (Three Students)
Full-Day Pre-K 3 & 4: $5,422.00 (Yearly), $542.20 (Ten month plan)

Ten-month payment plans:

Participating Catholic: $597.00 (One Student), $1,033.00 (Two Students), $1,370.00 (Three Students)
Non-Participating Catholic: $697.00 (One Student), $1,233.00 (Two Students), $1,670.00 (Three Students)

Financial Aid
Click here to apply for financial aid. The deadline for this application is March 15, 2022.

Click here to see if your student qualifies for the Indiana Choice Vouchers. To apply for the voucher, you must schedule an appointment with Misty Areal and apply in person. Please bring your current Federal Income Taxes, W-2s, and any other forms of income with you to the appointment. 

On My Way Pre-K Grant
The state of Indiana awards On My Way Pre-K grants to Pre-K students who are eligible, The
On My Way Pre-K grant helps families have access to a high-quality Pre-K program the year
before they begin Kindergarten. Families who receive a grant may use the grant at any
approved On My Way Pre-K program. Pre-K families are encouraged to check to see if they
qualify for the grant at

For more information, contact:
Misty Areal
Tuition Coordinator


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