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School Choice Voucher Program

St. Michael-St. Gabriel is participating in Indiana’s new voucher program (authorized under IC 20-51-1 and IC 20-51-4).  As described on the Indiana Department of Education’s School Choice website: “A voucher, or ‘Choice Scholarship,’ is a state payment that qualifying families can use to offset tuition costs at participating schools. Students qualify based on total household income and the amount of the scholarship corresponds with the public school corporation in which the student lives.” 

Who qualifies for an Indiana School Choice Scholarship (Voucher)?

  • Students who received a Choice Scholarship in the past, or
  • Students who attended public schools for the last 2 semesters, or
  • Students who have previously received an SGO award, or
  • Students who are assigned to a “F” rated school, and
  • Who are at or below the annual household income limits listed below:
    (new income guidelines are released every year.)

Current Guidelines:

Household Size
Annual household income limit for a 90% scholarshipAnnual household income limit for a 50% scholarshipTax Credit Scholarship

How do I apply for an Indiana School Choice Scholarship (voucher) for my student?

  • Students must first be enrolled in a private school for the upcoming school year before applying for the voucher
  • Contact Misty Areal in the Tuition Office to make an appointment. She will verify household income, complete and submit an application to the Indiana Department of Education
  • Documents to bring to complete the application process:
    1. A copy of your current year’s federal income tax return
    2. Copies of all current year’s wage documents including W2’s, 1099’s, social security statements, unemployment statements, interest earnings statements, investment earnings statements, pension or annuity statements, etc.
    3. Copies of child support agreements and any federal or state assistance programs documentation

Additional Parent Information

  • The Indiana School Choice Scholarship (voucher) awarded amount is based on household size and income.
  • Each school district in Indiana has a capped amount allotted per student.
  • If the voucher does not cover the full amount of tuition, the family will be responsible for paying the amount not covered.
  • There is additional financial aid assistance available to families who qualify.  You must complete an online FACTS financial aid application.  There is a $30.00 application fee at the time of submission.
  • Students who qualify for a voucher must apply for a Free or Reduced Lunch.

For more information, contact:
Misty Areal
Tuition Coordinator


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