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Our Teaching Philosophy

All St. Michael-St. Gabriel Archangels Catholic School students will become responsible, have faith in God, care about others and learn on their own.

We offer a wide variety of academic challenges and strive to meet the individual needs of all students. Our curriculum follows the Archdiocesan and State of Indiana Academic standards.

In addition, service is a large part of the St. Michael- St. Gabriel Archangels Catholic School philosophy.  We want our students to look beyond their personal needs and see the needs of the greater community.

At St. Michael- St. Gabriel Archangels Catholic School, we place a strong emphasis on respect, service and kindness towards others and we:

  • Believe that each and every child can succeed
  • Set high expectations with a challenging curriculum
  • Hold a proven record of academic excellence
  • Promote Christ-like values and responsibility
  • Have caring, enthusiastic, and talented teachers
  • Teach respect for self and others
  • Emphasize the value of service to the community
  • Prepare students to be productive citizens in a diverse world
  • Provide a safe and fun learning environment


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