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Dear Families and Friends of St. Michael-St. Gabriel,

It is my pleasure to serve as principal of St. Michael-St. Gabriel Archangels Catholic Elementary School. Having attended Catholic schools from the age of five through college and then choosing to work in Catholic schools, both as a teacher and as an administrator, I can tell you that a Catholic education is one worth so much more than I can share in just a few paragraphs here. I am grateful for the support we receive from our parish priests, Fr. Kamwendo and Fr. Nico, as well as the support from the parishioners and greater community.

St. Michael-St. Gabriel proudly serves students of diverse populations in grades Pre-K through 8th grade, and I can tell you that the knowledge our students learn about Church teachings is imbedded in all that they learn and do. At St. Michael-St. Gabriel, we provide smaller class sizes, so that we can challenge those students who need to be guided further academically while also working with those students who may need extra help in the classroom. Most importantly, however, we provide opportunities for students to grow in faith and service to become faith-filled leaders of tomorrow. The Bible tells us that whatever we do onto others we do onto Christ himself, and I have witnessed firsthand the generosity of our students who bring in donations of food for the hungry, winter apparel for the homeless, blankets for the newborn, and coins for the poor.

There are many wonderful things happening at St. Michael-St. Gabriel, and we hope you will give us the opportunity to share those with you. Feel free to contact me personally for more information or for a tour of the school.

May God Bless You!


Elizabeth R. Ramos


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